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Blog Layout

You can change the layout of the blog list to 3-column, 2-column (default), or 1-column using the customizer.

Image size guideline

Featured image1095px width x flexible height
Content area678px width x flexible height


You can use the customizer to adjust the styles of the elements in many parts of the theme. To start using it, please go to Appearance > Customize.

Let’s take a look at each section:

  • Site Identity: You can use this section to upload a logo, edit the site title, tagline and copyright. You can also enter the URL of the social networks you are using here.
  • Typography: Use this section if you want to change the combination of the fonts and their properties in the theme.
  • Colors: Adjust the colors in each area of the theme.
  • Theme Settings: This section is for some functionality settings. For example, a number of search result posts, post excerpt length, etc.
  • Additional CSS: If you want to manually customize the theme using custom CSS, you can put your code into this section.

* The customizer feature of the theme (the majority of the sections described above) requires the Kirki plugin. Make sure it is already installed and activated.